Jason Wisdom

Raised in Galloway, Jason was arrested and charged with murder, attempted murder and organized crime along with other numerous offences; crimes that he did not commit. Jason was convicted and thrown in prison. In 2017, 13 years and 4 days later he was exonerated and cleared of all charges! Jason walked out as a free man and a member of Rapper Drake’s OVO team.

While in prison, Chair of the Inmate Committee , Jason worked with the Think 2wice group.

Now in the community, Jason is working with Think 2wice and reaching out to youth from at risk neighborhoods. He shares his story to detour youth from harmful behaviors. His amazing story empowers youth not give up through hardships and struggles.

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Kirk Watson

Born in Kingston Jamaica, Kirk migrated to Toronto Canada in In 1984. Shortly after dropping out of school and after a drug deal went bad, Kirk went to prison for manslaughter, and was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

While in prison Kirk made a choice to turn his life around.

Min. Kirk now owns his own business and sits on the Pastoral board of his church while handling the affairs the ministry.

Kirk works with Think 2wice offering programming to individuals who are incarcerated in a Federal Institution. He is also a Public Speaker with Think 2wice and uses his story to detour youth from criminal activity.

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Darue Ramsey

Born and raised in Rexdale, Ontario otherwise known as the “Rex”, Darue was living a lifestyle that could have cost his life or life behind bars. In 2014 Darue was convicted of Robbery and Firearm Charges. He served 4 years and 8 months in a Federal priosn. It is at this time Darue met and joined the Think 2wice Prison Leadership Program. While incarcerated Darue decided to change his life.

Once released Darue reached out to Think 2wice and began Public Speaking and volunteering as a Boxing Instructor for the Think 2wice ‘I AM ‘ program that teaches Self Defense and Confidence building while detouring teens from unhealthy realtionships.

Darue is also a Business Owner and Persoal Trainer.

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Richard Miller

After serving time in a Federal Prison, Richard shares his experiences of racism, injustice and systemic inequalities.

After meeting Think 2wice in prison, Richard is a now part of the group as a speaker. His goal is to help at risk youth avoid life changing mistakes and keep on the right path to success. In addition, he speaks to the inequalities in the Criminal Justice System.

Richard is also the founder of the up and coming The Keep6ix Organization.

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Neisha Tyne

Growing up in Jane and Finch, Neisha had a rough life. At 15 years of age Neisha was charged opening the door to her involvement in the criminal justice system. From 16 years of age to 19 she lived in various youth shelters until at 19 she gave birth to her firstborn daughter .

Neisha made many unhealthy choices looking for love that ended up putting her in harmful situations. In between being in and out of relationships with drug dealers and battling with a very close family member’s experience of being forced into human trafficking, Neisha’s life was spiraling down!

In 2014, Neisha made a decision to change her life! She let go and let God!

She has since then graduated from College with a Social Service Worker diploma and is now currently working with women who are facing the challenges that she once faced! Neisha is a volunteer with Think 2wice where she co-facilitates programming to teen girls detouring them from unhealthy relationships that can lead to human trafficking. She also volunteers with all of the Think 2wice Prison Initiatives.

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