Think 2wice CBC Radio prison visit interview.

The Think 2Wice Kings to Kingz Prevention Project works with under served youth from low income or gang involved neighbourhoods.

Tackling gun violence with help from ex-cons

Program brings together young people from an at-risk Toronto neighbourhood with prisoners

Young men go behind prison walls to see the results of bad choices

Anti-violence group wants more preventive programs, councillor blames police hiring freeze

‘Extremely brazen’ shooting in Rexdale prompts outrage

Darue Ramsey now mentors at-risk youth through Think 2wice

Former Etobicoke gang member turns life around

Use public health methodology on sudden spike in city shootings, report suggests

City urged to consider new approach to address gun violence

Board of Health, meeting 28, July 16, 2018

Board of Health – July 16, 2018