Youth Workshops

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2020 TDSB partner

We are committed to offering trauma-informed, culturally sensitive workshops on the following topics:

Service Providers and Families:

  • Anti Black Racism within the Correctional Institutions
  • How to successfully support an incarcerated loved one or client
  • How to support loved ones and clients in the ‘Street’ culture
  • Understanding gun violence in Toronto
  • Grief and trauma and healing for youth involved in the ‘Street’ Culture: Gun violence and Incarceration
  •  Understanding community violence- How we got here

Youth and Young adults:

  •         The end result- Gun/Gang violence
  •         The Street life
  •         PTSD/ grief/trauma Awareness- Coping strategies
  •          Mind Sets
  •          Purpose
  •          Spirituality
  •          Hope in the midst of hopelessness/
  •          identity and self image
  •         Confidence /peer pressure
  •                Actions consequences- Temptation
  •         Warning signs – understanding personal safety
  •         Understanding community violence- How we got here

Workshops will also include one of the following as per request:

Reenactment of scenes from the DYING TO LIVE production
Video clip from DYING TO LIVE production
Clips from our “Trapped” documentary or
Letters from incarcerated young people serving life


Workshop Information