“DYING TO LIVE” Production

Mental Health Awareness, Gun Prevention, and Intervention Initiative.

Through a series of theatre productions in both the Federal Institution and community theatre spaces, this powerful play is based an a series of true events. A casualty of a neighbourhood gang war 2 innocent youth were gunned down. This story shows the journey that a grieving brother takes while facing PTSD and the end result that it leads him through.

This initiative addresses negative mindsets, gives an awareness of mental health within the black ‘street’ community and equips young people with a wide range of culturally sensitive coping strategies to trauma, grief and loss.

This initiative includes a guest speaker, open dialogue, and follow up workshops.

This play touches:

● Trauma

● Peer pressure

● Retaliation

● Grief/Trauma

● Actions and consequences

● Faith and spirituality

● Positive coping strategies

● Hope/hopelessness

● Warning signs and personal safety

Cast members include: Young people who have recently reintegrated back into the community, youth with lived experience, individuals who have experienced loss by gun violence, community leaders, faith groups, professional actors and grief counsellors.