In an effort to do our part in combating the COVID pandemic, Think 2wice continues to provide virtual supports to families, community and service providers.
“Where the arts meet social justice.”

History of Think 2wice

Think 2wice Intl is an organization that provides trauma-informed, culturally relevant initiatives and programming to incarcerated individuals as well as youth and communities who are impacted by gun violence worldwide. Founded in 2006 in Toronto, Think 2wice aims to reduce gun violence while assisting individuals to challenge their mindsets and think twice. Think 2wice assists in eliminating the impact of inequality and social injustice amongst racialized young people in the criminal justice system. We provide services and supports to Black and racialized individuals and communities, many of whom are incarcerated and reintegrating back into the community. In working with victims and perpetrators of violence, trauma and grief, Think 2wice engages young people through non-traditional methods such as the arts (participatory programming, music, theater, film, story sharing and spirituality) while providing coping strategies, mental health awareness, counselling, peer mentorship and skills training.

To date, Think 2wice has supported a large number of incarcerated young people as well as youth and families in the community. In 15 years of operation and with approximately 20 partners, we have provided various initiatives and supports in 8 Federal Institutions and multiple Neighborhood Improvement Areas (NIA’s) throughout the GTA.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to support individuals through the healing process and empower them to turn their pain into purpose while building positive leaders within the community. We envision the empowerment of racialized people by eliminating the impact of inequality and social injustice.


Think 2wice advocates for equality and dignity within the criminal justice system.

  • Think 2wice spoke at the Human Rights Senate about the inequalities faced by Federally incarcerated Black inmates.
  • Think 2wice supported a Toronto Board of Public Health motion to recognize community violence as a social determinant of health.

Through non-traditional methods, Think 2wice aims to promote:

  • Hope and motivation
  • Healing and coping strategies for unresolved trauma and grief
  • Young people to challenge their mind sets and think 2wice before making decisions
  • Building positive leaders and peer mentors with lived experience
  • Giving a voice to the voiceless- platform to share stories
  • Mental health awareness & mental wellness
  • The arts and spirituality: music, photography, media arts, theater, film, story sharing

Stats & Motivation:

  • From 2002-2012, federally incarcerated Black inmates increased by 75%. 40% are under the age of 30
  • Black inmates are one of the fastest growing groups in federal corrections at a rate of 3X
  • While arrests and convictions make the public feel safe, the reality is the issues do not disappear with individuals being in jail or prison without adequate rehabilitation, intervention and prevention programming and supports
  • With incarceration rates rising, gun-related crime has also gone up 59% from 2017-2018 (TPS)

In other words, simply incarcerating young people is not decreasing gun and gang violence in the community. In our community the graveyards are expanding and prison is a part of life as we know it. Young people today are on the battlefield and the pressure is on the young people of this generation. Think 2wice recognizes that they are fighting a battle that is misunderstood by many.