Correspondence Program And Writing Workshop

The Think 2wice Correspondence program empowers, motivates and supports young people who are incarcerated through the art form of writing.

In this project volunteers and community leaders provide mentorship through correspondence.

The Think 2wice Letter Writing Project also empowers individuals who are incarcerated to write about the pain and hardships they have faced

“At the age of 22 years old, I managed to get 25 years to life. Instead of living life, Im now ‘doing life’. God is my only friend in these places; all I see around me is fakeness. My mind racing thinking about the 25 that I’m facing. I don’t want to be here, I rather there. Every day I wake up and I have to beware. I have to beware of the many I can’t trust, who will sell you out just to get a visit with touch. Black lives don’t matter especially behind these walls….Thinking about my mother, my greatest fear is not seeing her alive when I’m paroled. I have 19 more years to go, I’ll be 47 and my mother will be 73. I was asked

“What would the older you tell the younger you?” This is what I would say to the younger me’s:

The choices you make will be the difference between you living life or doing life. It is a lot easier to do wrong…. what’s hard is doing right. The energy you put into the game turn it positive and you will get a better gain. It is better to be respected than feared but if you are going to be feared make them fear your intellect. An OG is not a man who gave his life to be a modern day slave behind concrete walls, bars and fences. An OG is a man who instead of using a gun, uses his mind as his defences…..”

Written by an ‘Older me’ currently incarcerated at a Federal Institution