After a series of life altering experiences, Think 2wice was Founded in 2006 by Zya Brown with the goal of combatting the gun violence that was plaguing Toronto’s high risk neighborhoods.


Think 2wice provides rehabilitation, reintegration, prevention, and intervention initiatives in communities as well as the Federal institutions of Ontario.

Founded in 2006, Think 2wice is an organization that provides trauma- informed, culturally sensitive programming that aims to reduce gun violence throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Through non-traditional, harm reduction projects in racialized communities and Federal Correctional Institutions. Our initiatives assist individuals to think twice and unlearn negative behaviours. Think 2wice assists in building positive leaders and role models who youth that are involved in the gun or gang lifestyle can relate to. Think 2wice’s prevention and intervention initiatives address unhealthy behaviors and negative mindsets while assisting young people to think twice before making decisions that may negatively impact them and their communities. To date, Think 2wice has evolved into a collective of communication, spiritual and artistic techniques

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to empower individuals to walk in their purpose and unique talents while building positive leaders within the community.
We envision the upliftment and empowerment of radicalized people by eliminating the impact of inequality and social injustice
    ·          Prevention and Intervention strategies by assisting in the unlearning of behaviors with oppressed young people in high risk communities and those who are
    ·          Advocating for policy changes and changes in the Criminal Justice System
This year, Think 2wice partnered with NDP MPP elect Chris Glover to support him in his proposed motion the Toronto Board of Public Health that would recognize Community Violence as a social determinant of health.
Think 2wice advocates for equality and dignity within the criminal justice system


From 2002-2012, federally incarcerated Black inmates increased by 75% and 50% of same are
under the age of 30. Black inmates are one of the fastest growing groups in federal corrections at a rate of 3X.
While arrests and convictions make the public feel safe, the reality is the issues do not disappear with individuals being in jail or prison without adequate rehabilitation, intervention and prevention programming and supports.
Although incarceration rates have gone up, Gun-related crime has also gone up 59%  from 2017-2018. (TPS)
In other words, simply incarcerating young people is not decreasing gun and gang violence in the community.
In our community the graveyards are expanding and prison is a part of life as we know it. Young people today are on the battlefield.
The pressure is on the young people of this generation. Think 2wice recognizes that they are fighting  a battle that is misunderstood by many.



Think 2wice believes that EVERY single person is born with a purpose
Think 2wice believes EVERY single person has a unique gift and talent
Think 2wice believes, the bigger the calling, the bigger the trials and adversities.
Think 2wice believes there is power in ones words and thoughts